We have been trading since 1973 and strive to keep improving.
We are pleased to help all our customers with the most appropriate equipment available.

AirPro® Air Velocity Instruments are rugged, compact, configurable and highly accurate measurement devices featuring a Velocity Meter (AP500), Mobile Application Software,user-defined Measurement Probes (VT-S, VT-A, VTH-S, VTH-A and TH-S) and Feature Sets (Basic, Advanced and Professional).


We are pleased to offer the majority of our instruments for hire, please contact us for further information and pricing.

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Airflow Measurements are very proud to be a UK Channel Partner for TSI Instruments who are one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Our customer base, both in the UK and overseas, is wide ranging from air quality specialists, process manufacturers, consultants and commissioning engineers through to insurance inspectors, local authorities, hospitals, military and scientific research establishments. We operate a documented quality assurance system based on the IS017025 to ensure repeatable delivery of internal and external standards of performance. Calibration integrity, the hub of our business activities, is traceable to UKAS and national and international standards and covers a wide range of general and specialised testing and measuring instruments which are processed through our purpose-built and environmentally controlled laboratory. Our Capabilities - All primary standards used in our calibration procedures are themselves traceable and certified to UKAS and our capabilities include: Anemometers; Pressure Meters and Gauges; Micromanometers; Brake Stop Timers; Photometers; Balometers; Ductwork Leakage Testers; Smoke Generators; Tachometers; Insulation Testers; Loop Impedance Testers; RCCB Testers; Thermometers; Velometers; Current and Voltage Transformer Test Sets; Torque Wrenches; Oscilloscopes; Clamp Meters; Multimeters; Sound Level Meters; Water Test Sets; Magnahelic Gauges; Portable Appliance Testers; Hygrometers; Chart Recorders and Data Loggers to name but a few

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