Rogowski Coil

A number of designs of radio frequency current transducers based on the Rongowski Coil principle are available. These are primarily designed for use in measuring high frequency current pulses such as those generated by electrical discharge processes. As the transducers are based on an air cored principle, they are not subject to the usual limitations of saturation and non-linearity of the wide band small gap ferrite current transformers. Thus they can be used to measure rf current signals and reject low frequency currents when installed on the terminals of electrical plant, cables and bus bar carrying large power frequency currents.

Although it is referred to as a Rogowski Coil because it has been designed to be self integrating, it gives an output proportional to the current rather than the rate of change. The output signal is a voltage waveform representing the current waveform being measured subject to the specified bandwidth limits of the transducer. This signal is completely floating relative to casing of the transducer and gives the specified sensitivity when connected to a 50 measuring instrument.

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