Concept Smoke Systems - Air Trace MK2

The Air Trace MK2 ( is one of our most popular smoke systems designed for localised airflow visualisation tasks.  It is designed to create a small volumes of quickly dispersing smoke.

The machine comes in kit form, including; Pb battery / charger, 500ml of smoke fluid, extension spout & carry case.┬á We have a large range of accessories / consumables available, IÔÇÖve listed the most popular below but on the webpage above you can scroll to the bottom of the page to see the options available.

-┬áMains Adaption Kit ÔÇô allows continuous smoke output from a mains power source

-┬áRaked Extension Spout ÔÇô gives a raked smoke output (

-┬áNiMH battery / charger ÔÇô gives approx. double battery life

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